Time Leather

Founded in 1994, Time Leather Products Industry and Trade Limited Company. has been continuing its operations as a producer of leather products for more than 20 years.

At the begining, operation was consisted of producing hard leather briefcase. Due to the requests recieved, with production of leather accessories, we’ve added leading brands of Turkey within our customers. We had only one motivation in mind while doing all this. To grow company with high quality production and being a long term solution partner. Besides the development of production capacity, there is an increase in the number of employees every year. As a family company with four partners, we are a team of skilled craftsmen and artisans with past experience of leading companies of industry. Since 2010, we allocate all off our production capacity to women handbags and become one of the licenced producer of a populer brand. With 1400m2 indoor production facility, a team of 60 skilled craftsmen and high technology machinary lines; we are producing 7000 high quality woman handbags every month. We have a retail and wholesale shop in Gedikpaşa İstanbul. The Company gives significant importance to materials and craftsmanship of high standard that provide its products with high quality and durability.